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Prisma offers indoor and outdoor wall, ceiling, suspension, inground and pole type luminaires. It places great importance on functionality, installation and maintenance simplicity, essential design, quality and duration, solving all lighting problems, whether for housing needs or industrial spaces.



Prisma Architectural offers high-tech products suited to various outdoor installation needs. Its high quality materials combined with lighting design innovation provide superior lighting performance. Some of the solutions offered by this brand include high-IP wall, pole and inground luminaires.



SBP stands out for its performance and high quality standard of products, which meet the most specific lighting needs. These products offer the ideal solution for the lighting of sports facilities, large industrial areas, shopping centers, buildings and residential areas.



SBP Urban Lighting offers lighting solutions specifically for roadways and sports facilities. A vast range of optical systems and powers combined with top design, compliance with specific lighting performance regulations, and observance of light pollution standards.



An Italian brand lamp post perfect for lighting up the community and providing a safe and well-lit environment. All products are made of shock-proof resin material that comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure protection against corrosion and fading from the UV rays.



XAL is a global provider of architectural lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. For over 20 years, XAL has focused on the fascinating medium of light, thus creating a mixture of aesthetic and functionally outstanding state-of-the-art lighting design and solutions ideal for shops, offices, hotels and residential applications.



Life Safety Solution products such as Dual Lite Emergency and Exit Light hallmarks the whole embodiment of Quality, Performance, Value and Tradition. Its insurance and safety is undeniably dependable and reliable anytime of the day.



MCI is a Spanish brand with more than 40 years of industry experience focused on research, development and innovation, design and manufacturing of luminaires. It is one of the few companies worldwide with advanced LED lighting technology that allows for superior and imaginative lighting effects on building façades. It offers wide range of LED products for architectural lighting.




Gewiss is a leading international manufacturer of systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. Its products include domestic devices to automatic safety switches, from distribution boards and enclosures to industrial connections, from trunking systems to lighting.



Spittler offers luminaires for indoor residential and commercial applications, paying particular attention to office lighting. Furthermore, its vast range of customizable down lights, suspension lamp and spotlights are ideal for shops and exhibition and commercial areas. Technical quality combined with good design creates an utmost visual comfort to improve indoor quality of life.



Maxray is a Japanese brand that provides unique and innovatively designed indoor lighting fixtures catering to the demands for special and novelty indoor luminaires of commercial, hotels and residential markets. Supported by more than 50 years of experience in the lighting industry, it offers wide range of quality lighting products that combines technology and design innovation to match market needs for quality lighting solution.



Energy-efficient L.E.D luminaires suitable for residential and commercial applications and offers up to 80% savings in energy consumption, long lamp life, and reliable performance.




Soraa is an American brand that boasts the latest in LED lamp technology as the pioneer and the only LED manufacturer that uses pure Gallium Nitride Substrates (GaN on GaN™) resulting to LED lamps with superior color rendering and beam characteristics. Its portfolio of innovative features includes colour shifter technology which uses precise lenses that allow for one lamp to change from warm white 3000K to 2200K; multi beam angle capability which enables changes in lamp degrees by adding a lens and its applicability in enclosed fixtures without heat dissipation concerns.


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