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BRITE Lights for Boutiques


BRITE is a wide selection of boutique lightings with European design.  It offers more flexible design orientation and adjustable lighting focus that allow boundless creativity in positioning boutique displays.  Among its vast selection of lighting products is the track lighting system which sets the current popular trend in boutique lightings of North America and Europe.   In addition, gimbal lights for boutique applications are also available.


With BRITE, boutiques can highlight their displays while at the same time accentuating the ambiance for the comfort of its shoppers.  Whether the interior takes on modern or conventional design, BRITE has the products to synchronize with it.  Shoppers can now spend delightful hours enjoying not just the interesting displays boutiques offer but also the atmosphere created by its design partnered with perfect lighting.


Multiple Gimbal Lights – Adjustable / Rotatable Recessed Gimbal lights.

Lights up with unlimited design combinations!

From one to four heads, more choices of design combinations are possible. With flexibility, each single lamp compartment can be pointed at a different angle.


Multiple Gimbal Lights – Slice Gimbal Spothead

Mix and match with lights! These are designed to combine high energy-saving and discharge lamps with excellent light quality. It has patented aluminum die-cast heat sink to protect the lamp holder from over heating.


Adjustable Spotlight

Multiply the effect in all directions! A three-phase spotlight, this is multi-directional that can be adjusted in different directions. This lighting can be used for general illumination or for highlighting purposes.



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