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Advantage XF has an overall height of only 3/8″, and can be neatly tucked behind a ledge and discreetly hidden from view. The cable conductor is highly flexible and easily conforms to any contour, twist or turn. It is also very lightweight, making it possible to conveniently mount fixtures with our high-bond adhesive tape.

The series operates from 24VDC LED drivers, and is dimmed with our PWM dimmer packs. This ensures flicker-free operation of LEDs at all intensities.

Light Sources
Advantage XF features 2000, 2400, 2700. 3000, 3500, and 4000K LEDs. LED modules consume only 0.72 Watts each, making them an extremely efficient light source. They do an outstanding job of emulating true incandescent light. Since these solid-state devices have no filaments, vibration will not cause failure.
Advantage XF Series includes Kelvin-Changing LEDs. These LEDs change color temperature as they are dimmed. They begin at 2700K and go all the way to a candlelight 2000K. KC LED modules are dimmable with dimming protocols such as DMX, PWM or 0/1-10VDC.


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