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This is a classic OASIS product at an affordable price.

The Evolution Classic D165 dehumidifier has withstood the test of time with its timeless design and engineering as the world’s first electric dehumidifier. Each cabinet is built with long-lasting laminated steel, equipped with an efficient refrigeration system that features an automatic humidistat control and an auto-defrost system.

Standard Equipment
Humidistat control
Four rotary wheels with lock function
Polymer mesh air filter
Continuous drain connection
Automatic float switch for water container with indication light

Special Features
Ultra low GWP - ECO friendly refrigerant
Reduced power consumption compared to equivalent dehumidifier with HFC refrigerant by approximately 10%
Improved mid range performance compared to equivalent dehumidifier with HFC refrigerant by approximately 14% in 20 C and 60%RH
Modified front grille for easier maintenance
Frost free unit - now all OASIS dehumidifiers come standard with advanced defrost system that prevents freeze of evaporator in any ambient temperatures. Operating temperature ranges from 3°C to 40°C

Benefits of Hydrocarbons
Reduction in GWP (Global Warming Potential) from 1,430 (R134a) to less than 2 (R290) helps to combat global warming and climate change.
Independent testing carried out for OASIS has indicated that 10% less electrical power is consumed and there is a 14% gain on performance at 20°C,60%RH conditions, using the refrigerant R290 instead of R134a.

Model: D165
Weight (kg): 23.5
Dimensions (cm): 60H X 38W X 36D
Power Consumption (Watts): 360
Air Flow (Cubic meters/hr): 510
Refrigerant: R290
Power Supply: 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Designed in USA, Made in Poland


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