Sparkling water on tap – clean, pure and planet-friendly

Perfect, chilled and filtered sparkling water with low environmental impact

If you love sparkling water, you will love Zip’s sparkling water feature. Available on a beautiful range of HydroTaps, our clever CO2 feature means you can enjoy the convenience of sparkling water on demand, straight from the tap, anytime you like, without a single plastic bottle in sight.

No more single-use bottles

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, ditching single use plastics is a great place to start. Sparkling water on tap is the perfect one-stop solution to the plastic problem created by bottled sparkling water. A Zip HydroTap uses the water source to your home, eliminating the need for single use plastic bottles by perfectly carbonating your drinking water straight from the tap. This helps reduce your recycling and lets you enjoy pure-tasting and filtered sparkling water, from tap to glass in an instant.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Pre-packaged sparkling water not only contributes to the plastic problem. A remarkable amount of energy is required to manufacture and bottle sparkling water. Once bottled and labelled, huge machines then package it up into slabs. These are wrapped in more plastic and stacked into pallets for transport. When you consider the carbon kilometres for transport (factory to warehouse, warehouse to store, store to home) it’s dizzying how far water must travel to get to your glass! Zip HydroTap bypasses all this excess production, delivering perfect sparkling water straight to your glass.

Exceptional filtration and carbonation

Zip’s world-class filtration removes 99.9% of contaminants and reduces lead by 98.9% leaving pure-tasting, clean and healthy drinking water that is safe and good for you. Bottled sparkling water rarely offers such guarantees. Plus, Zip’s ColdCore compression technology is a unique method of creating carbonation under pressure, ensuring your sparkling water is perfectly carbonated, chilled and ready to drink, at the press of a button. Zip’s unique method of cooling water is also energy efficient, maintaining a constant temperature with clever technology designed to conserve energy, so absolutely nothing is wasted.

What about consumables?

It’s true Zip sparkling water HydroTaps require CO2 bottles to infuse those perfect bubbles into your chilled, filtered water and at some point, these will need to be replaced. While these aren’t refillable, they can be recycled. This can be done during your regular or scheduled Zip maintenance service, but is easy enough to do it yourself.

 Enjoy pure-tasting, filtered and perfect sparkling water that’s great for you and better for the planet. Inquire today.

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