TECHNO – Among the 100% Made in Italy Manufacturers

Consistent with its path of over 35 years in the development of high-performance electrical connection solutions and components in technopolymers, technical rubber and silicone, Techno has achieved an important recognition.  

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers has certified Techno as meeting the requirements of the IT01 system, which certifies 100% original Italian quality in the field of electrical connections for the civil and industrial sectors.

By virtue of this certification, Techno has been enrolled in the National Register of “100% Made in Italy” Italian Manufacturers and will be able to use the relevant collective trademark in all corporate communication, on and off line.

This confirms Techno‘s commitment to guaranteeing the highest quality of production and supply through the total integration of production processes, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and the synergy between company functions, with the ultimate aim of placing innovative, safe and economically competitive products on the market.

With the 100% Made in Italy Certification, Techno guarantees that all of its electrical and electronic connection solutions are truly designed and produced in Italy, made with quality and first choice materials, manufactured with respect for work, hygiene and safety, traceable in terms of processing and origin of raw materials, and recognizable throughout the world for the superior quality they are able to guarantee.

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